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Dear President Obama,

We at World Harmony Organization (WHO), a California non-profit independent think tank, would like to congratulate you on your successful 2009 trips to Middle East and Asia. Your Cairo interfaith harmony speech and U. S. - China joint statement endorsing harmony consensus are outstanding examples of Harmony Diplomacy and are highly commendable. The World Harmony Organization advocates Harmony Renaissance and Harmony Diplomacy as the golden rules for global governance. Our essays and books on Harmony Renaissance, Harmony Diplomacy, Harmony virtues, Harmony Consensus, and Harmony Faith appear widely on Twitter, Facebook, and www.scribd.com/fcwfung. www.worldharmonyforum.blogspot.com

WHO advocates Harmony Renaissance for the 21st Century multilateral world because harmony is an ancient common value that was practiced by many world cultures. However, harmony has been neglected by the current confrontational world, leading to racial, ideology, and religious strife. Harmony Renaissance is the solution for human strife as well as for restoring a better ecosystem through harmony with nature. Harmony belongs to the world. No nation can claim it exclusively. Harmony, as the natural law of dynamic balance, is the order of the universe, according to modern physics. Harmony Renaissance is the next wave of creative energy that mankind is waiting for to lead us to a higher level of accomplishment beyond the European Renaissance.

During the 21s century, we will see the rise of Asia and the BRIC developing nations. China is an integral part of both. A U.S. - Chinese harmony consensus is essential for world peace and harmony. Peace is a static condition; without a dynamic harmony balance, peace will not last. There is no doubt that China will soon challenge U.S. hegemony — not necessarily in hard power, but in soft power. The U.S. is the most well endowed major nation in land and resources. As a result, China will not catch up with U.S. in hard power, as eloquently put by James Fallows, national correspondent of the Atlantic Monthly, in his recent article, “How Can America Rise Again?”

China in 2009 just surpassed Germany as the largest exporting country. She will likely surpass Japan as the second leading country in GDP within this year. China, with her attractive ancient culture, powerful government bent on reform and opening up, scientific concept of development, and Harmony Diplomacy, will be very likely to surpass America in international soft-power influence in the very near future. During the 19th century, Power Diplomacy ruled. In the 20th century, America led the world in Democracy Diplomacy and won the Cold War. However, the recent advocacy of Faith or Smart Diplomacy has been less successful and will fade in facing Harmony Diplomacy, because Harmony Diplomacy is the Golden Rule of global governance, according to a recent paper by the WHO.

The key factor of the multilateral 21st century in winning world influence will be the practice of Harmony Diplomacy as an international policy. This is true simply because harmony is the most attractive universal common value, which can harmonize diverse cultures, races, ideologies, religions, and nature. In our young, dynamic America, we must not forget that the Native Americans also practice harmony as a homegrown culture. European colonists brought the European Renaissance culture to this continent; why not also adopt our native Indian harmony culture. We successfully advocated Democracy Diplomacy after the Second World War. There is no reason for America not to play a lead role in Harmony Diplomacy because of our current leadership position. A Harmony Consensus between America and China is essential for World Harmony. By necessity, world harmony will surely come to pave the way for world peace (see paper by Francis C.W. Fung: “World Harmony, Is It Achievable? What Promises Lie Ahead?”).

America, in reaching a harmony consensus with the world, must also advocate Harmony Renaissance. China and other parts of the world must not be allowed to claim exclusivity on harmony, the most universal common value of humanity, without America playing an equal role. America under President Bush was lacking a harmony initiative. America is fortunate for your recognition of the importance of world harmony, but we are still lagging behind in Harmony Diplomacy as a national foreign policy.

WHO is an American think tank with worldwide recognition. Our classic Harmony Renaissance paper is carried by China on her government Harmony Website and has been quoted often by John Prescott, Deputy Prime Minister of the U.K. We delivered the enclosed keynote speech, “Harmony Renaissance Preamble and Declaration”, at the United Nations on their April 26, 2008 Staff Day. America has every right to claim Harmony Renaissance as home grown, as it was originated and is advocated by the America-based World harmony Organization.

We cannot afford for China or any nation to claim exclusivity on Harmony Renaissance as their national discovery, when Harmony Renaissance is home grown in the U.S. and harmony is also part of America’s native culture. It is still not too late for America to get involved. It is important for America to adopt Harmony Renaissance as its national and foreign policies, lest we be left out of this important soft-power revival.

The word “renaissance” is actually French and is most commonly used to refer to the European Renaissance because of the importance to world civilization of that rebirth of progress. For more information on taking the rightful control for American Harmony Renaissance, please contact the World Harmony Organization. Everyone can talk about harmony, but the World Harmony Organization initiated Harmony Renaissance as the next wave of creative energy after the European Renaissance. Harmony Renaissance is the revival of ancient universal common value. There are also innovative key words and concepts we have initiated in our published essays as mentioned at beginning. We are also East and West cultural inclusive. Who is multinational and multi cultural.

In Service of Harmony Renaissance.
Francis C W Fung, Ph.D.
Director General
World Harmony Organization

Painting celebrating Confucius birthday with banners showing his harmony sayings

In the East harmony, as a social science theory, was
evolved from natural science observation by Lao Zi.
Humanity in harmony with the universe
is called Tian Ren He Yi.
Also, Einstein was quoted as saying
the order of nature is not accidental.
Harmony is the order of nature.
Harmony belongs to the World and to the Universe.


Harmony is the highest common value.
Renaissance is action. Together they have life.
Harmony is the order of natural science and the
fundamental law of the universe.
Harmony is dynamic energy balance
and is also the principle of universe creation.

From the very beginning, the Universe is created
by the infinite invisible energy in the firmament.
The invisible energy that created the universe
can also be called DAO.
Lao Zi said, "Dao created one, one created two,
two created three, three created all things.
All things carry Ying and embrace Yang.
Dynamic balance creates harmony."

Lao Zi's harmony theory of the universe
is in unison with modern quantum physics.
Harmony renaissance is the guiding principle to be
applied to natural and social sciences.
It is the breakthrough that will take us to the next
level of human creativity and accomplishment
beyond European Renaissance.

Francis C. W. Fung, Ph.D.
Director General
World Harmony Organization

作为社会科学理论, 东方和谐源于老子对自然科学的观察。
和谐属于世界, 属于自然。


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