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East and West are very different in way of thinking but obviously have similar needs. We most of all would like to be respected. Respect is one of the 12 virtues of Harmony(See Attached).We think differently because of our culture, civilization, upbringing and experience but most of all we are formed in our early life by our culture and language as we all know.

Chinese language is very uniquely different from all major phonetic languages. I have written articles on the wisdom of Chinese language. Chinese language makes Chinese thinking more spatial than phonetic. The disadvantage is Chinese children are more displined and become creative only much later in life. Most of all we are different because Confucian, Laotze and Sun Tze philosophies are very different from Christian theological traditions. A casual observation of European Chess and Wei Qi (Go game), East and West Gardening philosophy reveals opposite thinking. China has learned a great deal from the West by absorbing Christianity and the Chess game (China has modified the European Chess into a similar Chinese version). America has, however, modified the Wei Qi into Chinese checkers that is a totally different game in complexity. Chinese chess and Wei Qi are complex games but with less rules than European Chess. The Chinese language grows with culture and history but has less grammar. These differences and together with Eastern philosophy, simply put are actually quite profound in shaping East and West thinking. Sun Tze teaching is originally more a philosophy in China than just art of war. Together with Confucian and Lao Tze philosophy, they profoundly shaped Eastern thinking. But the West barely scratched the surface of these important philosophies, with the exception of Sun Tze which are put into practical use of war and business in the West.

The cross pollination of East West wisdom is the future of human continuing growth to the next level of human accomplishment. Alas, the trend of cultural flow is more from the West to the East for the last two hundred years. I believe Harmony Renaissance will re-balance the exchange as during the ancient Silk Road era. That is another long story.

Francis C W Fung, Ph.D.
Director General
World Harmony Organization
San Francisco, CA

THE TWELVE VIRTUES OF HARMONY RENIASSANCE THE TWELVE VIRTUES OF HARMONY RENAISSANCEHarmony is the most common value of mankind. All ancient cultural heritages include harmony faith. Twentieth century history has been dominated by Western ideals of Freedom, Liberty and Democracy. These ideals revolutionized the relations between citizens and their governments. These changes resulted in today’s modern Western government systems. Harmony is an ancient ideal of more than two thousand years old. It is a system of beliefs that include all relations between individuals, within oneself, within the family, citizen and government, between nations and down to between human and nature.

As an all inclusive faith for conflict resolution, harmony belief has been neglected for over two centuries. The modern society in its departure from harmony faith tends to be very materialistic. Evolution by the survival of the fittest has been inordinately emphasized.Today’s conflicted world of religious and ideological confrontations calls for the revival of harmony faith. World Harmony Organization is dedicated to the pursuit of Harmony Renaissance. Our mission is to work with United Nations to support a modern harmony culture that can begin to harmonize relations between nations as well as between man and nature. There is no higher faith healing than Harmony Renaissance. Harmony Renaissance reconciles all faiths, religions and ideologies, when it is upheld by the international community as a New World Order.

Harmony is the order of nature and the operating principle of the universe. Harmony Faith as the order of universe is proclaimed in our Harmony Renaissance Preamble and Declaration. This is delivered as a speech at the April 25, 2008, Spring of U.N. Festival. Further disclosure of Harmony Faith is also attached in the article titled “Harmony Faith, the Order of the Universe”.Harmony Renaissance is the inevitable tide humans are waiting to bring us to the next level of accomplishment after European Renaissance. To participate in this second wave of dynamic harmony movement the twelve virtues of Harmony Renaissance are presented here. They are: TOLERANCE, ACCEPTANCE, RESPECT, KINDNESS, FORGIVENESS, HUMILITY, GENTLENESS, PATIENCE, EQUITY, NONVIOLENCE, GREEN ECOLOGY AND CONSERVATION. The last two being actions we now must collectively take urgently to harmonize with nature in order to avoid catastrophe on earth.

We propose that United Nations every year organize an international artists contest for the best combination of poetry and art to extol the twelve Harmony Renaissance virtues. The selected first ten submissions will be published worldwide as that year’s calendars for world distribution. This will become an important tradition for mankind to start each year with harmony inspirations. So Harmony Renaissance and the 12 virtues of harmony will live in the hearts of mankind. We can also proclaim the first month of each year as Harmony Renaissance month to advocate the twelve virtues of harmony culture.

Francis C W Fung, PH.D.
Director Genera
lWorld Harmony Organization


1、First incarnation: Humility, the modest mouse第一守护神动物化身:谦卑-谦虚鼠
2、Second incarnation: Tolerance, the broad minded bull第二守护神动物化身:宽容-豁达牛3、Third incarnation: Gentleness, the tempered tiger第三守护神动物化身:温柔-和善虎
4、Fourth incarnation: Equity, the fair hare第四守护神动物化身:平等-公正兔
5、Fifth incarnation: Conservation, the divine dragon第五守护神动物化身:自然保育-神之龙6、Sixth incarnation: Green Ecology, the green snake第六守护神动物化身:绿色生态-自然蛇7、Seventh incarnation: Respect, the honorable horse第七守护神动物化身:尊重-珍贵马
8、Eighth incarnation: Kindness, the soft hearted sheep第八守护神动物化身:仁爱-慈祥羊
9、Ninth incarnation: Forgiveness, the merciful monkey第九守护神动物化身:宽恕-包容猴
10、Tenth incarnation: Patience, the responsive rooster第十守护神动物化身:忍耐-百忍鸡11、Eleventh incarnation: Consensus, the agreeable dog第十一守护神动物化身:共识-遵令狗12、Twelfth incarnation: Non Violence, the peaceful pig第十二守护神动物化身:非暴力-和平猪

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