Saturday, July 19, 2008


Relevant Provincial and Department Heads
July, 2008

Dear Responsible Persons,

Two decades and four years ago I highlighted Solar Stirling Engine as energy
independent solution in a key note speech titled “The Promising Future of Stirling
Engines in China”. The occasion was the Second Stirling Engine International
Conference held at Shanghai, China. I was then visiting consultant from the US to the
Chinese Academy of Science representing Stirling Engine R and D Limited Partnership
(see attached Conference speech article cover page and key pages of MTI Stirling
Engine technology transfer agreement with China). A recomendation letter from
Chairman Beno Sternlicht is also attached.

Two decades and more have passed; the engineering community of the world has made
great strides in Stirling engine developments, including China. Yet the world energy crisis
is more critical than ever, triggered by the recent surge in oil price. The irony is that by
all calculations, solar energy reaching us in one hour, if captured and converted to
electricity, is enough to serve all of us for one year! Can Solar Stirling be important in
helping to bring energy independence? The answer is a resounding yes.

As illustrated, in Southern California Deserts, tens of thousands of Solar Stirling Systems
are being erected to become the two largest Solar utility plants in the world. By 2009 the
total electricity generated will be 500 MW, enough to serve 300,000 homes. Each Solar
Stirling Engine System is designed to provide 25 KW electricity individually. When the
two plants are complete, the total electric capacity will however, reach 1750 MW,
equivalent to two large size nuclear power plants.

Solar Stirling Engine Systems for converting solar power are the most highly
concentrated, state of the art renewable energy technologies, leading all current
renewable energy technology, including photo voltaic panels, hot water panels and wind
power generators in the use of space. The technology that is chosen by the California
utilities has efficiency exceeding 30 % of total solar energy utilization. It is expected that
the total system efficiency will reach 50% with further development. Stirling Engine
Systems can also readily compete with nuclear power plant in capacity, cost and safety.
That is why it is the preferred technology for California utility owners to build large solar
electricity utility plants. I know, because during 1980’S, I was the country representative
for Combustion Engineering to promote the Tennessee Valley nuclear power plant sales
to China (see attached representation agreement).

For your consideration, we have attached an overview position paper titled “Solar Stirling
Engine Solution” in both English and Chinese, detailing the importance and urgency of
deploying Solar Stirling Engines Systems nationwide for both large and small scale solar
electricity generation. I am sure you will agree that there is no time to loose. That is why
we are calling for your support for our Solar Stirling Engine Partnership to solve China
and the world’s energy independence. As a world leader of vision and mission, your
endorsement and support of this worthwhile undertaking will be most appreciated by the
Chinese nation and all people of the world.

In conclusion, as a national and local policy to become more energy independent, to
reduce environmental pollution, to practice conservation and to reduce cost of operation
all points to the choice of using Solar Stirling Engine Systems as the most viable solution.
This recommendation is based on my over five decades of experience as a practitioner of
energy conservation engineer in government as well as private industries. China is at a
very critical stage of modernization. The important policy of scientific development calls
for harmony with nature, within the society and world harmony.

To play a responsible role as a rising and renaissance major nation we must set an
example in our renewable energy policy. With the ample evident merits as discussed
here, not to include the Solar Engine Systems for consideration as a major part of China’s
energy independent policy is unconscionable. Your humbly is available for discussion by
invitation from relevant energy implementation department and provincial heads. An
Executive Summary of Stirling Engine Concept Proposal is available by request.
In Service of Energy Independence

Francis C W Fung , PH.D.

General Partner
Solar Stirling Engine Partnership (SSEP)
A Commission of World Harmony Organization

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I am a mechanical Engineer, who is also into IT and manufacturing. I returned from the US in 2005. I am based in New Delhi, India. I am interested in the Stirling solar project. My contact info is:
Skype ID - vmahajan

Pl. do get in touch. I share ur values of harmony. Even as I speak there are rumblings of Sino Indian rivalry. Which do not make any sense to me.We both are ancient civilizations, with a rich culture and past and have much in common.