Thursday, June 21, 2007


World Harmony Organization(WHO) is calling for the First International Symposium on World Harmony Renaissance with themes on harmony renaissance, harmony philosophy, harmony consensus, harmony diplomacy, harmony economics, harmony politics, harmony ecology, harmony Constitution and harmony religion and so on. We welcome contributions from international educational institutes, think tanks, organizations, corporations and distinguished individuals who are interested in pursuing world harmony renaissance for a better and sustainable world. The first symposium will take place in North America.

For current and state of art articles on world harmony renaissance one may search world harmony renaissance, harmony renaissance, harmony diplomacy, harmony consensus and harmony socialism on Google and Yahoo as a start. The world wide web is very lively with above harmony topics. Our published harmony papers are also top listed. For more articles please also visit our blog site To keep posted on how to submit papers and prizes that will be awarded to selected essays please visit our website or contact us through our website.

We have the pleasure to discuss with Xinhua as one of the many event sponsors, so the event will also add value and name recognition to Xinhua's market expansion in North America and the world. At the on set we would include Xinhua in drawing up our plans because of our past successful joint publications. Xinhua, will be the sole source of 2008 Olympic wire service news from Beijing. It is important for the world to know Xinhua.

Essays submitted to WHO will be published on blog site There are already over 50 harmony essays published on the site. Selected papers submitted, at the sole discretion of Xinhua and other sponsoring organizations will also be published by Xinhua Net and other wewsites.

There will also be a Proceeding of the Symposium of essays jointly selected by Xinhua and WHO which will be published by World Harmony Organization. Authors selected for publication on the Proceeding will be awarded incentive prizes. Amazon and Borders, the two largest Internet book sellers in the world will feature and carry the printed copies of the Proceeding for sale. This will further promote the ideal of World Harmony Renaissance beyond the coverage provided by Xinhua Net and its wide network of associates. In this way the Xinhua brand and the individual authors will be further recognized by world readers interested in world harmony renaissance.

As I mentioned during our meeting, America and the world are looking for alternate solutions out of our conflicting world towards the next phase of human achievement. Only harmony renaissance can assure our sustainable development and collective creative energy renewal. World harmony renaissance will bring us to the next level of accomplishment beyond European renaissance.

As demonstrated by mine and other authors' papers published on harmony diplomacy, conflict resolution ideas and organizations are being proposed and resonating world wide including
America. Harmony renaissance will be the leading philosophy in the 21st century, applicable not only in international affairs but all areas of human interactions extending from individual, family, national to international relations.

Ideas submitted on "Harmony Constitution" can be drafted into constitutions of individual nations who wish to keep up with the world harmony renaissance tide. This is not unlike the past trend of drafting democracy and human rights clauses into nations constitution. Based on my published essays, "Harmony Constitution" can be more comprehensive and in keeping with modern society progress and sustainablity than democracy constitution of the past.

WHO is unique for first proposing the concept of "Harmony Renaissance" and "Harmony Constitution" to the world at the beginning of 21st century. Our contribution will be judged by our legacy.

Harmony Renaissance Symposium will be of great value in enhancing Xinhua's new world image. The combined synergistic energy of WHO and Xinhua can greatly increase name recognition for Xinhua that cannot be denied. Especially Xinhua also distributes copies of the Symposium Proceeding through its network and to its clients.

I believe there is no better platform, no better opportunity, no better timing and no better place for us to launch our First International Symposium on Harmony Renaissance from North America now. It is time for harmony renaissance and a large part of the world to stand up on the world stage at the beginning of 21st century. World Cultural flow must be Miltie directional and not only from the west to the east.

World Harmony Organization will collect, edit the submitted papers and initially publish them on our blog site The only obligation for Xinhua and other sponsors is to subscribe to a minimum copies of the Proceeding for their own use and distribution. There is no risk or responsibility involved for the sponsors. WHO will do all the work and take full responsibility.

Harmony Renaissance is a great platform and we have the service trade mark rights. Together we will lead the world to true multilateralism in the 21st century because harmony will finally give a refreshing voice to a very large part of the world on world stage like never before. Our rallying cry will lead to world participation and make harmony the universal creative energy for a better and more understanding world. There is no need to be bashful as an innocent young bride. It will be the final opportunity for the universal harmony truth to seek the recognition it deserves or never.

Xinhua is already in the running on world harmony forum on the Internet. The debut of the international series of Harmony Renaissance Symposium from North America is the official coming out event. This will enhance the world image of Xinhua as a leading world media sponsoring Harmony Renaissance. The positive impact on Xinhua will be unsurpassed by any other undertaking. It represents a quantum jump for Xinhua into world media leadership circle.

We are moving into the 21st century with the tide of Harmony Renaissance in an authoritative position. In the eyes of the world preconception, Xinhua's participation will be perceived in history as a great movement from the old cold war mentality to the unavoidable future multipolar world. The past preconception is the past. Let our Harmony Renaissance action speak for itself. There is no need to pretend bashful when harmony will become a universal truth essential for human creative thinking.

WHO look for continuing more in depth cooperation with Xinhua and other news media and organizations. We believe "World Harmony Renaissance", "World Harmony Diplomacy", "Harmony Constitution", "World Harmony Renaissance Symposium" and "World Harmony Renaissance Festival" will become household words. Most important, they are all legally protected service trade marks.

Francis C. W. Fung, PH.D.
Director General
World Harmony Organization

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