Saturday, June 11, 2016


THE CHINESE RENAISSANCE AND GREAT ENTREPRENEUR REVOLUTION UNDER PRESIDENT XI JINGPING UPDATED BY FRANCIS C W FUNG, PH.D. David Gosset, founder of the Euro-China Forum, in a paper titled “The Sino-Western Relations in a World of Change” proposed a mutually transformative co-existence as a balance between new forms of governance and a new form of ancient Chinese socio-political practices. He suggested that this coexistence is one of the major real life counter-arguments to Francis Fukuyama’s narrative on the End of History by the current Chinese Renaissance and its effect on the world system. What are behind the current Chinese Renaissance are the major movements of China Dream and Rejuvenation initiated by President Xi Jingping since he came to power in2013. Xi followed up with his Chinese Renaissance effort with his promotion to bring back ancient Chinese cultural teaching and values as summarized by my paper “Time for Philosophy to Flourish, rejuvenation of China and Harmony of the World Updated” China as ancient Middle Kingdom was most prosperous during Han, Tang and Song dynasties when China was also most open. President Xi’s initiative of “The New Silkroad Economic Belt and 21st Century Marine Silkroad”(One Belt One Road” in short) will open China to the world far beyond the ancient Silkroad. In a paper titled “China will Again be the Middle Kingdom in 21st Century” I foresaw the coming of the China centered 21st century globalization that will bring a broader and more prosperous world replacing the waning 20th century globalization, which came to an end due to the 2008 financial crises caused by U.S. toxic financial assets. The 21st Century great vision of “One Belt One Road” combined with China’s current great Entrepreneurship Revolution will continue to drive the 21st century globalization to new heights of world prosperity. In David Gosset’s paper he stated that “China is at the dawn of a Great Entrepreneurship Revolution in 2015, around 8 private companies have been registered every minute in the country- 12,000 new companies registered per day. The connections between Western and Chinese private entrepreneurs guarantee the continuation of China’s opening up will create not only global economic but also social values. Western modernity has positively contributed to the transformation of China but a metamorphosed and global China can take the world to another of prosperity and human development.” In another of my paper titled ”Why President Xi Jingping is good for China and World Harmony”, I demonstrated that President Xi’s many comprehensive and inclusive visions qualify him as the most effective world statesman of the 21st century. Under his leadership China will become the Middle Kingdom again leading the world to a new 21st century globalized prosperity that will be more comprehensive and inclusive than the 20th century vanishing globalization led by the U.S. The 21st century globalization brings a more harmonious world minus U.S. hegemony. This world harmony will be maintained by a mutually transformative coexistence, a balance between new forms of governance and ancient socio-political practices exemplified by Chinese Renaissance. This is what David Gosset hoped in his paper “that the future world will be a major real life counter argument to Francis Fukuyama’s narrative on The end of History” In Service of World Harmony Francis C W Fung,Ph.D. Director General World Harmony Organization San Francisco, CA

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