Thursday, June 18, 2015


WHY PRESIDENT XI JINPING IS GOOD FOR CHINA AND WORLD HARMONY By Francis C W Fung, Ph. D. The Arrival of Xi Jinping Era With the arrival of Xi Jinping era China is going through momentous changes to reclaim her ancient position as Middle Kingdom through Xi Jinping’s grand vision of China Dream, Great Rejuvenation and the One Belt One Road New Silk Road Initiative. The China dream is every Chinese’s dream as well as the collective national dream for rejuvenation. To guide China towards rejuvenation Xi called for increase teaching of Chinese history and ancient philosophy in schools and universities. It is most befitting for Xi to promote Chinese teaching as he personally is very well read in Chinese classics as amply demonstrated by his use of Chinese classic teaching in his speeches. His use of Chinese ancient teaching in his speeches is well documented in his book “China Governance” which sold over 5 million copies worldwide in a short time span of 3 months. The essence of Chinese ancient teaching is harmony supported by both sages Confucius and Laotze and described in my book “China’s Harmony Renaissance What the World must Know” and numerous of my published essays on the subject of harmony renaissance, harmony diplomacy and harmony faith (see ). The idea of respect and coexist with diverse opinions and philosophies is maintained throughout Chinese history. This is the key reason why Chinese civilization continued over 5000 years uninterrupted by absorbing and synthesizing foreign cultures, religions and foreign invasions. This practice of harmony also explains that there never was a major war on religion, instead Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism and Islam coexisted in China for centuries. The current government under Xi Jinping maintains the Chinese harmony tradition of a stable yet constantly ever changing nation by dynamic balance of inside and outside influences. This expressed as continue to learn from outside and reform from within. China’s continuing growth is predicated upon mutual win win development and world harmony of common community destiny. The Coming of 21st Century New Silk Road Globalization America initiated the 20th Century world trade globalization. But the 2008 world financial crisis caused by the U.S. toxic asset collapse and its worldwide devastating spread signaled the end of the good days of world trade globalization of the 20th Century. Seven years later world major economies in the world still mired in great recession with the exception of China. The whole world is looking for new economic or technology breakthrough to bail the world economy out of its quagmire. The coming 21st Century New Silk Road Globalization in short is the Great Infrastructure Revolution bring on by China’s “Belt and Road” initiative in 2013. This is the second Globalization as a result of world connectivity of the infrastructure revolution and the 21st Century Transportation Revolution brought about also by the New Silk Road Initiative. All these economic and technology breakthroughs will be described in more detail in my published subject paper. All this is because of Xi Jinping, the Chinese president, in 2013 got the inspiration to announce the modernization of the ancient Silk Road. This is the Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st Century Ocean Silk Road Initiative or the “Belt and Road” initiative in short. The initiative is to launch modern transportation and communication infrastructure to connect Asia through Central Asia to Europe and from South East Asia through ocean to Middle East and finally Africa. More details of the “Belt and Road” initiative will be revealed in more detail in “Belt and Road Action Plan” published by the Boao 2014 Conference. This vast “Belt and Road” initiative will thus greatly advance Commerce, communication, cultural and technology exchange, people and people contact all over the world to benefit human progress in the brave 21st century era. The resulting world connectivity will bring trade globalization to another height far exceeding the 20th century because this time the connectivity expands to a far greater world. This time we may experience true world harmony, mutual development and prosperity like no other time in history before. Francis C W Fung, Ph.D. Director General World Harmony Organization, San Francisco, CA

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