Saturday, March 7, 2015


Why my published articles on harmony are blocked by NSA of America? By Francis C W Fung, Ph.D. During the last fifteen years as Director General of World Harmony Organization I published over 500 articles and books on many international media websites,,,, under various harmony topics such as harmony renaissance, harmony diplomacy, harmony faith and U.S. China relation. You may access the respective websites or Google the listed topics for my articles. China has been so badly understood by the West because mostly due to U.S. media misrepresentation. My sincere desire is to write a better China story for improved harmony between U.S. and China. However, because of my writings contrast with the U.S. media, NSA of America has black listed me. As a result my World Harmony Organization website is hacked and my World Harmony email is blocked and I cannot access my articles on media websites. For a better understanding of my writing I now abstract the high lights from my three most read articles to appeal to the public. My three most read articles by the public are "Who is more dependent on whom, U.S. or China?", "Why is it difficult to achieve world harmony?" and "China's harmony renaissance, what the world must know". The following are the abstracts of my three most read articles by the public. "Who is more dependent on whom, U.S. or China": In the U.S. media the commonly held belief is that China is more dependent on the U.S. because America is the largest market. However, this belief is outdated by the fact that Europe and South East Asia is now China's number one and two trade partner and U.S. is only number three. U.S. is dependent on China also because the 1.3 trillion of U.S. debt China is holding and U.S. is dependent on the high quality and economical daily necessity goods China manufactures. "Why is it difficult to achieve world harmony?": It is difficult to achieve world harmony because of religious prejudice, political prejudice, race prejudice and U.S. hegemony. "China's harmony renaissance, what the world most know": Harmony belongs to the world, however, throughout China's 5000 years of history, harmony is China's cultural essence. Her sages and philosopher such as Confucius and Loatzu had sang the praise for harmony. Under the Xi jinping era the China dream is the rejuvenation of China. To rejuvenate China one must first bring back China's cultural essence which is harmony renaissance. All new things can be built on China's ancient cultural heritage. Xi JInping added, "Without cultural roots, a nation is without soul. It can be powerful, but it is not a great nation." The above China stories are in direct contrast to American media's misrepresentation and propaganda to demonize China. They stand as obstacles to NSA's national security strategy to advance U.S. interests. As a result the NSA considers my articles are their targets that they must marginalize. For truth about China represented by my writing, kindly refer to my widely read articles published on previous media websites and blog sites. Best of Harmony Francis C W Fung, Ph.D. Director General World Harmony Organization San Francisco, CA

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