Sunday, June 8, 2014


UPDATED 20 CHINA DREAM DISCUSSION TOPICS FOR PUBLICATION AND DISTRIBUTION Dear editor, kindly publish and distribute following important China dream discussion topics: Definition: Harmony Renaissance: Revival of harmony philosophy ancient or modern for multipolar national cultural identity and world peace and harmony. For more details please refer to World Harmony Organization and Francis C W Fung publications. China Dream: Revival of Chinese nation for national dignity and multipolar world peace and harmony. For more details on China dream please refer to summary of President Xi's statements. 1) China dream, harmony renaissance essential for China and global peace and revival. 2) China dream and harmony renaissance means Chinese soft power. 3) China must continue harmony renaissance for survival against U S criticism 4) China must be proactive on harmony renaissance not to be contained by U.S. 5) China dream, resolve south China sea dispute by harmony diplomacy 6) ancient Chinese thought, modern Chinese softpower through harmony renaissance 7) Harmony renaissance is the spirit of China dream 8) Harmony renaissance vs liberal democracy thought in 21st century. 9) Rally around harmony renaissance to rebuild a Chinese civilization state 10) Can China survive without harmony renaissance under U.S. democracy assault? 11) Survival of the fittest demands China dream to include harmony renaissance. 12) Without harmony renaissance China dream is empty 13) "China is unlikely to become a superpower because it lacked an independent ideology with global clout" according to Margret Thatcher. 14) China will remain a "small country" without harmony renaissance despite economic growth. 15) China dream means 21st century multipolar world 16) Harmony renaissance is the missing ancient Chinese ideology with global clout Margret Thatcher is referring to. 17) Harmony renaissance is the revival of Chinese cultural value. 18) The Chinese dream with harmony renaissance can enrich world civilization. 19) Harmony renaissance adds spiritual life and perspective to China dream. 20) Harmony Renaissance will be a preferred balance to U.S. relentless and powerful push of liberal democracy ideology on other countries in a multipolar world. Best of Harmony Francis C W Fung, Ph.D. Director General World Harmony Organization

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