Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Harmony is the most comprehensive universal common value. It owns its origin from observation of nature and encompasses the fundamental principles of all human activities and interrelations. It evolved from human need to harmonize with nature(fengshui practices) to the broadest possible study of diverse human disciplines, including ecology, philosophy, religion, inner peace, family unity, governance systems and international relations. Harmony as a science, is the order of the universe and nature's order. That is why the world still exists after billion and billion years of evolution. The universe is unending because of harmony.

In today's confronting and unilateral world, Harmony Renaissance cannot be more timely to assure sustainable development. Harmony principles must be perceived as fluid- like dynamic balance of contending forces. The best governance system for any developing nation is its own harmony system, developed from within while interacting with globalization. Peace without harmony can at best be transient. Harmony is an ideal, renaissance gives it life. Mutual development, harmony development is the inevitable tide and future reality of mankind. Harmony Diplomacy is essential for world development.

Harmony belongs to the world. World Harmony Organization (WHO) invites your participation to pursue World Harmony Renaissance by establishing World Harmony Renaissance Centers (WHRC) and World Harmony Institutes (WHI) at promising and up and coming locations. We are dedicated to initiate World Harmony Renaissance Symposiums, World Harmony Cultural Festivals, World Harmony Preamble and Declaration, World Harmony Ambassadors and Volunteers Programs.

For our long term gradual implementation of programs we have taken out the above service trade marks to protect all participants. For more details on our programs and service mark registrations please visit our website http://www.worldharmonyorg.net/ To this end we have also published three harmony books and over 60 essays worldwide, listed by Google and Yahoo under World Harmony Renaissance, Chinese Harmony Diplomacy and Francis C W Fung.

The universe of possible studies opened up by Harmony Renaissance is unending and without limit. It is the ongoing progression of human civilization. It invites universal participation. European Renaissance since the Age of Enlightenment has brought us Freedom, Democracy and modern science. Its momentum of creative energy is still continuing after 400 years. Harmony Renaissance is the next wave of creative energy that humans have been waiting for. It will bring us to the next higher level of human accomplishment, surpassing the achievements of European Renaissance.

Our humble efforts to initiate Harmony Renaissance is only at the beginning. We invite worldwide participation. Your participation can be very valuable to human progress. We look forward to your inquiry and contribution.

May Harmony Prevail in the World!

Francis C. W. Fung, PH.D.
Director General
World Harmony Organization.

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