Saturday, May 5, 2007


Dear Friends,

Thank you for inviting us to yesterday's evening of devotion and harmony discussion. The good feelings are warm and mutual.

Covenant, law and order are central and important in religion and modern democracy. As one of the three pillars of human main cultural development however, harmony has not been given its proper place in modern history. Central to harmony is consensus. Harmony was the dominant philosophy in the ancient East 2500 years ago. Harmony renaissance is timely for a less confrontational and more ecology friendly world.

In practicing harmony, we find consensus, patience and humility are important guide lines. By its very premise of equity, tolerance, acceptance and respect for other cultures, harmony can be more universal than religion and national democracy. Harmony propagates by resonance, nature's prefered way. We advocate appropriate dynamic balance between religion, democracy and harmony in today's conflicting world.

May Harmony Prevail in the World.

Francis C. W. Fung, PH.D.

Director General
World Harmony Organization

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